Established since 2000.
Duncanwoods International Log & Timber Homes Inc. is an independent log home dealership serving the Northwest. Located on the east side of beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene in the panhandle of Northern Idaho, our mission is to assist you in turning your dreams into a reality.


Windows in this alpine-style log home show off fabulous views of Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

log_homes_log_cabins_idaho_lake_coeurdalene_05Building Milled, Handcrafted, Swedish Cope Log Homes along with Timber Frame, Post & Beam and Hybrid Homes

We offer highly competitive pricing for Milled, Swedish Cope and Handcrafted Log Homes as well as Timber Frame, Post & Beam and Hybrid; whether you are building a rustic vacation log cabin, luxury log home or timber frame the following are some of the options available to you:

  • The log wall package is 100% Pre-Cut and Pre-Drilled
  • Milled logs kiln dried and milled to exacting tolerances.
    • Electrical chases and boxes cut to specification
    • Window and door openings cut to specification
    • Dovetail construction of all butt joints, providing superior strength and insulating qualities
  • Swedish Cope and Hand Crafted Air Dried
  • Wood Species: Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar
  • Log Profiles, Milled D-log, Double Round, Flat/Flat, Swedish Cope (8″ to 16″) and Handcrafted

What We Can Do for You and Your Log Home Project

Duncanwoods International Log & Timber Homes offers you a fully integrated service to meet your Log Home requirements whatever they may be. Custom home planning, custom floor plans, hybrid designs, job site evaluation, financing information and a network of independent contractors across the Inland Northwest to build your dream Log, Timber or Hybrid home to whatever level you desire — from weather-tight to turnkey.

Log Home and Log Cabin Floor Plans

We offer many standard log home and log cabin floor plans or custom log home drawings from our highly skilled designers, drafts people, and engineers who will provide site-specific plans for your log home or log cabin package.

Our Commitment is to Customer Service

We are committed to going the extra mile for our customers, you have our assurance that we will work with you to make your custom dream home a reality. Building our own home along with our many years of experience assisting numerous homeowners will add to the benefit we can provide you during the planning and construction process. Our web site offers detailed information which we hope you will find useful in your quest to fulfill your dream. By carefully listening to your ideas and blending them with the design team, we will work with you on your project from conception to completion thereby creating your custom home, a home that perfectly reflects your individual life style. We pride ourselves in customer service.

Why Commit to Building Now?

Since the recession of 2008, the economy continues to grow and mortgage rates remain at a historic low. Typically construction costs are also lower than they were.

Many articles have been published over past months in various national home publications; all provided excellent reasons why right now will for many be the best opportunity to put their plans into action. The following is a summary that applies to all construction whilst at the same time identifying the specialty requirements of the log home market.

  • If a custom log home is your requirement remember that they are a specialized niche and aren’t always subject to the volatility of other housing markets.
  • Securing a mortgage or construction loan for a log home has always been a niche within the lending world. In the main due to finding appropriate comps (comparable home values). Even in today’s improving market, nothing has changed from that perspective.
  • Most log home owners are in it for the long haul, as a log home is their dream home.
  • Banks are usually the best sources for construction loans for custom homes and are ready to lend providing you meet the financial requirements of the bank.
  • Interest rates are perhaps as low as one will ever see with the Federal Reserve adjusting rates as it tries to keep the recovering economy moving.

For the consumer who has the financial wherewithal (in particular those already owning land), the timing doesn’t really get any better than this. Staying focused on your eventual goal and doing your research will help you move forward. Be wary of dramatic media stories and concentrate on what you know is the right investment for you.

Let our experience work for you, contact Duncanwoods International Log & Timber Homes today and take the first step towards making your dream come true.

Mission Statement

To provide one of the most comprehensive packages in the log home industry that combines the highest quality products, the best cost to value, and one of the most knowledgeable support teams in the industry providing many years of experience. Our commitment of ethics and integrity are the corner stone and passion that will set us apart in the fulfillment of our client’s dreams.