Difference between a Timber Frame, Post and Beam or a Hybrid home

Timber Framing is the ancient art of framing where skilled craftsmen joined timbers by: Mortise – a wooden hole  and Tenon – a wooden peg. Nowadays nails screws and bolts are used.

Post and Beam is similar in design configuration to Timber Frame, this construction system uses metal fasteners between timbers which can include plates, screws and through bolts.

A Hybrid design which is becoming more and more popular is a combination of conventional construction be it Log, Timber Frame or Post and Beam using accents of Timber or Post and Beam. Timbers are typically used in the Great Room, entry and Kitchen/Dining areas and log posts used on decks a porches for a more rustic appearance.

Trusses are the focal point of the design in Timber homes. They are what draws our attention upwards when we enter these majestic spaces. The Truss is not merely decorative, it can also be structural to  carry the weight of the second floor or roof support system to the walls without any support from below. Trusses and their individual components go by dozens of names and configurations.

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