Controlling the temperature in your home

hot and cold

While logs are an excellent insulator, your home will need a little help to keep it at and ideal temperature in both summer and winter.

Cooling in the summer:

  • Ceiling fans are still a good option but it seems that summers are getting hotter and they don’t always have the desired effect, especially if your bedroom is in the loft.. heat rises! A window fan or air conditioner can be noisy.
  • Are you heating/cooling the whole house when you are only using one or two rooms? Think about a mini split ducted heating and cooling system rather than one for the whole house.
  • Extend your roof line to protect the logs. This does two things, it helps to  keep the summer sun at bay and allows the sun in to the room in the winter when the sun is lower in the sky.
  • Ceiling fans in the loft if turned to reverse will bring the hot air down thus cooling the upstairs. this can work in reverse in the winter taking some of the warm air up.

Heating in the winter:

  • A popular heating system is Radiant floor, this heats evenly and does not blow air and dust around the house as with a forced air system.
  • Wood stove V fireplace. while a fire place insert looks lovely it is not as efficient (in my opinion) as the cozier looking woodstove.
  • Windows and doors are common places for heat loss; make sure you have no air infiltration there.
  • Electric boxes on external walls are also areas that need to be sealed properly during construction.
  • Orient your house to take advantage of the sun in winter.
  • Window screens are a necessity in the summer to keep bugs out but often darken the room to a degree; taking them out in the winter when we don’t open the windows often will let more light in during those grey days of winter. I would however, recommend leaving a couple in, incase you do need to open a window.

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