About us!

There are 2 essential factors to keep in mind when building a new house, be it Log, Timber or Hybrid.

  1. A high quality product
  2. Outstanding customer service

You need both of these to successfully achieve the home of your dreams.

Duncanwoods and Footprint Log Homes is comprised of a group of highly experienced professionals who have valuable experience in the home industry and are focused on providing a high quality product product. This along with excellent customer service and you have a winning combination.

Our team not only designs and engineers your home to meet your aesthetic and practical needs but also deals with site-specific issues such as seismic conditions, snow loads, wind velocity, energy requirements, local building codes and much more.

Question? What would we want from a company?

Answer! Quality, Advice and Guidance !Guidance



This is a flat/flat  milled log with dove tail corners and timber accents, it will have cedar shake and rock on the front of the house.



This hand crafted log home with an attached garage is nearing completion. It is in a beautiful setting and will be a wonderful forever home for this family.




This cabin is the milled D log with saddle notch corners nearing completion.. It is the Bears Den and you can find the it on our floor plans page.

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