Green Construction: A Guide to Building a Log Home

Green construction is rapidly gaining in popularity. Duncanwoods International Log & Timber Homes Inc. has the tools and skills to help you achieve your green building goals. Whether your goal is to save energy, create a healthy home environment, design an eco-friendly living environment, or all of the above, we can guide you through the green design and building options. We are committed to helping you at every step during the construction of your home. 

Choosing a log or timber frame home is the first step to green building. Duncanwood’s engineered log or timber frame homes already use timber from renewable sources. Our manufacturer specifically sources trees from sustainably managed forests. However, there is much more to green construction.

Green Building Goals

Start by identifying your green building goals. Duncanwoods will work with you to help define your goals and offer recommendations from home design to material selections and more, while keeping your budget in mind.

Design with Green Building in Mind

Once your goals have been defined, the next step is to design your log or timber frame home. We can provide recommendations for site placement, floor plans, window size and location, HVAC options, ceiling heights, lighting and much more.

Site Planning

Part of the design of your custom home is site planning. We can help you create a design that not only takes advantage of your site but keeps the surrounding environment in mind.

Develop an Energy Efficient Plan

A big part of green construction is energy efficiency. We can suggest options to help you maximize energy efficiency in your custom home, from positioning your home to take advantage of solar energy, to working with your contractor to select an energy efficient HVAC system, to choosing the right ENERGY STAR appliances. We’ll help you design an energy efficiency plan that fits in your budget. We will work with you and your builder to review eco-friendly building materials, waste disposal systems, lighting systems, indoor quality, water efficiency and much more.

Green Heating Options

Geothermal is the most energy and environmentally friendly system available today. This heating and cooling system transfers heat from the earth to maintain an even temperature in the home in winter or summer. Not only is it energy efficient, but it can also help you save on energy bills.

In floor radiant heat generates an even heat throughout the home and will not distribute dust like forced air thereby creating a more healthy environment. It can also lower heating costs in the long run.

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