Humidity in Your Log and Timber Home

You might not think about the humidity of your home, but it can affect you and your home. Feeling parched, a dry nose and itchy eyes are all side effects of dry air in your home. Other side effects include creaking hardwood floors in your new log home, and static electricity that makes loved ones and pets cringe.

The solution to these problems is simple. Use a humidifier to boost the humidity in your home. Increasing the relative humidity of your home by 10% is roughly equivalent to raising the room temperature by one degree.

Humidifier Options

What’s the best way to increase the humidity in a home? There are several options available ranging from a portable counter top humidifier to a whole house system. 

Here are some guidelines to help you decide which option is best for you:

  • Portable humidifiers: Have many advantages such as simple to operate, easy to install, counter top size or freestanding. The main disadvantage is the small area they cover. They also can be noisy.
  • Humidifier-air cleaners: Some manufacturers produce appliances that both purify and humidify. The filters and ultraviolet light bulbs have to be replaced periodically.
  • Whole-house systems: Your best option for a whole-house system is to have it installed by your HVAC contractor at the time of construction. Installing one at a later date can be costly. One of the main advantages is that they connect to your central water supply, so it refills automatically. They still require maintenance and should be checked periodically like any other appliances in the home.

No matter which system you choose, remember that humidity between 30-50% will provide the most comfort for your family and protection for your home.

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