Our manufacturer can provide several standard plans for both our handcrafted and machined log homes as well as the capability to build fully customized homes to your plans.

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Country Cut Log HomesCountry Cut Homes

Country Cut log homes have a warm idyllic feel to them. Our manufacturer carries on the tradition of this building system by providing modern-day nature lovers with well-constructed log homes made with carefully selected materials.

Douglas Fir and Pine 8x6 Machined LogThe Logs used in the milled country cut profile can be “D”, Flat/Flat or round/round double tongue and groove logs. Our manufacturers technically advanced facility is subject to constant scrutiny due to the International Standards Organisation (ISO) that they are members of, this ensures that they adhere to the strict international quality standards set by the organization.

Through years of production experience, our manufacturer is able to offer you high quality machine-cut log homes at reasonable prices.

Key Features of a Country Cut Log Home

  • Kiln dried and milled to exacting tolerances.
  • Available in your choice of Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar.
  • 8″x8″ Double Tongue and Groove exterior “D” wall logs.
  • 8″x8″ Double Tongue and Groove Flat 2 sides is optional for interior wall logs.
  • Fully interlocking corner notching to plan specifications.
  • Window and door openings cut to specifications.
  • Electrical chases and boxes cut to specifications.
  • Dovetail construction of all butt joints, providing superior strength and insulating qualities.
  • Predrilling of thru-bolt holes.
  • Two rows of foam insulating tape for assembly.
  • Thru-bolt rods with nuts and washers.
  • Lags with washers for wall pinning.
  • Angle cuts on plate logs, roof purlins and ridges for roof slope.


  • Matching profile log siding for gables and/or interior frame wall paneling.
  • Glue-lam beams for special load requirements.

Hand Hewn Log HomesHand Hewn Homes

A Hand Hewn Home, with its whole log construction, has a bold appearance. Its sturdiness and sense of presence are incomparable. Our handcrafted log homes are built with carefully selected Canadian logs. Our veteran log builders process, hand peel, pre-assemble, and inspect the logs according to strict quality standards at our manufacturer’s facility in Tappen, British Columbia. The logs in each home are then labeled, disassembled and shipped to locations in Canada and the United States, as well as overseas to Asia and Europe.

Western Red Cedar, Handcrafted Log HomeOutstanding processing techniques and quality controls make our manufacturer’s Hand Hewn log homes No.1 in the industry.

Key Features of a Hand Hewn Log Home

  • Premium quality air dried, machine-peeled and knife-finished logs — free of mildew, scars and other defects.
  • Available in your choice of Englemann Spruce, Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar.
  • Full length logs up to 50′.
  • No visible splice or butt joints.
  • Average wall log diameter of 13″-14″ at the midpoint, 12″-18″ at the ends.
  • Diamond or Saddle corner notching.
  • Scribe fit using V joint lateral grooves with a minimum 3″ width.
  • Notch and Groove insulating.
  • Drilling for through bolting.
  • Drilling and flattening for electrical wiring.
  • Log joists cut flat for decking, roof purlins and ridgepoles cut to the roof pitch.
  • Flattening, slotting and ledge cuts for subsequent frame and finish materials.
  • Bottom round flattened to rest solidly on floor.
  • Window and door openings final cut, sanded and ready for unit installation. Keyway boards included.
  • Sanding of all exposed chainsaw cuts, including bevel cuts, log end trim, archways, & flats.
  • Handcrafted log stairs and railings available.

Log Styles

LogHomeProducts_DougFirPine6x8machinedlog.jpg Angled Dovetail Connection on Log Home

Sample showing Douglas Fir and Lodgepole Pine, 6″ x 8″ machined logs.

Sample showing Lodgepole Pine, 7″ x 9″ machined logs.

Western Red Cedar, Handcrafted Log Home Western Red Cedar, Handcrafted Log Home

Sample showing 8″ x 8″ Flat-Flat Western Red Cedar log corner.

Sample showing handcrafted logs in Western Red Cedar.

Log Connections

Our state-of-the-art machining equipment enables us to create precision log connections.

Dovetail Connection on Log Home Angled Dovetail Connection on Log Home
Log wall dovetail connection. Log wall angled dovetail connection. We can produce any angle.
Dovetail Connection on Log Home Angled Dovetail Connection on Log Home
We also pre-drill electrical outlets and wiring paths. Another view of the angled dovetail connection on a log home. This is perfect for prow front or angled walls.
Log Home Vertical Post Corner Log Home Vertical Post Corner
Close-up detail of a vertical log post corner for a flat-flat milled log home. A vertical log post corner on a milled log home under construction at the site.