Log Home Package



Advantages of Footprint Log Homes

  • Milled logs are pre-cut and Kiln Dried. Profiles – Double tongue and groove D. Log, double round, flat/flat. Corners systems- Saddle Notch, Dove Tail, full Vertical log or Timber posts.
  • Swedish Cope are partial pre-cut and air dried
  • Hand crafted are partial pre-cut and air dried
  • Timber Frame products are partial pre-cut and kiln dried – Labor to supervise the erection on site.
  • Species: Douglas Fir with the option of Western Red Cedar.


  1. Log Wall, log corners, hardware & gasket materials.
  2. Interior framed wall material.
  3. Site specific engineered plans including foundation & sub floor drafting.
  4. Second floor framing along with construction stairs.
  5. Gable end walls can be framed with log siding (5a & b)
  6. Dormers framed with log siding (6a & b)
  7. Roof framing up to sheeting soffit & fascia material.
  8. Porch roof framing up to sheeting & 1×6 Doug Fir ceilings.
  9. Aluminium  clad Wood Windows, Exterior Doors & Trim.


       A. Log railings for lofts, stairs, decks and porches.
       B.Log or timber stair systems.
       C. Log girder & joists for second floor structural or decorative.
       D. Matching tongue and groove or log siding for interior framed walls.
       E. Log roof rafters, structural or decorative.
       F. Deck framing with log post, log headers, railing & decking.
       G. Doug Fir 1×6 for vaulted ceilings and / or second floor ceilings.