Milled Log Homes

Milled log homes use logs that are cut by a machine to a uniform diameter. A milled log has been put through a saw mill, lathe or planer. These machines cut the logs into the desired shape or profile. When you look at a milled log home, all the logs will be uniform size. Milled log homes are one of the most popular types of log homes because of the appeal of the logs’ uniformity and consistency.

Construction of Milled Log Homes

Milled logs can be machined in different ways to fit together: flat top and bottom surface, coped or tongue-and-grooved. The logs can be customized further by sanding the sides of the log to leave them with a very finished look or hand peeling with a draw knife for a more rustic look.

log profiles

The most popular type of milled log is called the D-log. D-logs are round on the exterior side and flat on the interior side. D-logs come in various sizes depending on your desired look and budget, the most popular being the 8″x8″. The advantage of D-logs is that the rounded exterior gives the home the traditional log home look from the outside, with the advantage of a flat interior side. The smooth flat interior surface makes hanging pictures, mirrors or any decorative items much easier.

While D-logs are the most popular and common milled log used in the industry, other types include Double D, Dovetail, Flat, Swedish Cope and Handcrafted wood profiles.

Pre-cut Logs versus Partial Cut Logs

Milled logs are available in either pre-cut or a partial cut:

  • Fully pre-cut logs mean just that. Everything is cut to length: electric boxes cut out, pre-drilled for lag bolts, etc. You do not need a chain saw on site for the log wall erection, just the basic carpentry tools. This in turn means that less time is spent erecting the log package, hence lower construction costs. With a fully pre-cut package, particular attention needs to be taken during the preliminary stage regarding your electrical outlets as the plans are fed in to a computer at the mill and all boxes are cut out. So if you have missed one, you will either have to cut a box out on site and drill the chase or put it into the subfloor beside the log wall.
  • Partial pre-cut is where the corners are cut for you, but the logs then come in random length and are cut on site. An advantage of the partial pre-cut home is that if it is necessary to move something, such as moving a window opening a couple of inches to take advantage of a view, this can be done. You will need your chain saw for the construction of a partial pre-cut package.