Post and Beam Homes

Just like it sounds, post and beam construction uses solid vertical posts and horizontal beams as supports with cross beams girts and connectors — including roof systems with trusses, valleys and hips (braces/ knee braces from 3×6″ to 6×8″ and up) attached over the top. Post and beam construction also can use handcrafted logs for both the support beams as well as the cross beams, ridge and purlins.

This method creates a free-standing frame, which is extremely strong, serves as the structural back bone, and provides for an open interior floor plan. Typically the beams are exposed inside the home (and, as is becoming more common, can be exposd on the outside), which provides a great deal of aesthetic character in the interior design.

Used for centuries, post and beam construction is strongly associated with the historical buildings in Europe. Imagine old English pubs, castle-like hybrids and charming German cottages with massive wooden beams running across the ceiling. Today’s post and beam home can use a variety of woods species and stain colors to reflect any design or style.

Post and beam can be used in both new construction and for extensions, and the method works well in combination as accents and hybrids with other wood home building styles — including panelized, timber frame, milled log or handcrafted log homes.